Autograph Letter Signed

Prince Leopoldo De'medici Autograph Letter Signed 12/28/1649

Prince Leopoldo De'medici Autograph Letter Signed 12/28/1649
Prince Leopoldo De'medici Autograph Letter Signed 12/28/1649
Prince Leopoldo De'medici Autograph Letter Signed 12/28/1649

Prince Leopoldo De'medici Autograph Letter Signed 12/28/1649    Prince Leopoldo De'medici Autograph Letter Signed 12/28/1649

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PRINCE LEOPOLDO DE'MEDICI - AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED 12/28/1649 - HFSID 49466. LEOPOLDO de'MEDICI The Florentian Cardinal and Medici Prince plans his trip to Rome, asking whether it would be ridiculous to arrive dressed as Catholic pilgrims, signs name in black ink Autograph letter signed: "Prince Leopoldo" in black ink. 3 pages, 7½x10 folded, front and verso.

In part : Being yesterday on the voyage to come to Florence it bought to my mind the voyage I intend to make to your Holy Place and as I said I wanted the benefit of your advice. I will explain my intention and will make some questions. I intend to wait to about the 20th of March with my two carriages drawn by six horses each, and take the road of Perugin and Foligno and by the Holy House to come there and remain how long it will be convenient, and then by way of the sea, embarking at Palo come back to Livorno. I think to bring along between me and seven or eight knights and always stopping in convents of Monks where possible, but in this I wish you to advise where I could stop, what kind of Monks, or convents there are more apt. I think to dress all gentlemen and myself as Pilgrims, unless you tell me that we would be laughed at reaching there in this way...

There is circulating the utterance that the French would be satisfied if the Pope would give the Vescovade of Aix. The news from Pisa are very few, being of hunts only, and there being none of gambling and of women...

Leopoldo de'Medici, here refers to Pope Innocent X. In 1648, the Holy Roman Emperor was rendered virtually powerless by the Treaty of Westphalia. The pact, signed in the German province by France, Sweden, Spain and the Holy Roman Empire fully recognized the independence of each state, ending the Thirty Years' War.

Leopoldo was known as a disciple of Galileo, and took a great interest in science and technology; he founded the Accademia Platonia and the Accademia del Cimento to promote observation of nature through the Galilean Method, and served as a member of the Accademia della Crusa, for which he edited the entries regarding art for the 3rd edition of the Crusca Dictionary (1691). He was a collector of rare books, paintings, drawings, statues, coins and self-portraits, also leaving behind a wide correspondence with artists and art collectors of his time; he furthermore experimented with telescopic lenses and all manner of scientific instruments, commissioning the thermometers, calorimeters, hydrometers, quadrants, etc.

That are still on display at the Medici's Pitti Palace. Leopoldo was named a Cardinal in 1667 by Pope Clement IX, and he began making frequent trips to Rome, pursuing his artistic interests.

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  1. Authentication: Numbered COA issued by Gallery of History, Inc.
  2. Signed by: Leopoldo De'medici
  3. Autograph Type: Autograph Letter Signed
  4. Autograph: Authentic Original

Prince Leopoldo De'medici Autograph Letter Signed 12/28/1649    Prince Leopoldo De'medici Autograph Letter Signed 12/28/1649