Autograph Letter Signed

Clara Barton Autograph Letter Signed 09/02/1906

Clara Barton Autograph Letter Signed 09/02/1906
Clara Barton Autograph Letter Signed 09/02/1906
Clara Barton Autograph Letter Signed 09/02/1906
Clara Barton Autograph Letter Signed 09/02/1906

Clara Barton Autograph Letter Signed 09/02/1906    Clara Barton Autograph Letter Signed 09/02/1906
Make an Offer Today and Get a Quick Response! Take a Look at This Week's Specials! CLARA BARTON - AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED 09/02/1906 - HFSID 175773. CLARA BARTON Clara Barton sends an autograph letter about travel to raise funding for the National First Aid Association of America. Autograph Letter Signed: " Clara Barton ", 7½p, 5x6¾. Anamosa, [Iowa], 1906 September 2, Sunday. Roscoe Wells, Assistant to the President, National First Aid Assoc of America, Detroit, Michigan. Barton has written " Personal " in pencil at upper margin of first page. The former President of the American Red Cross, who has founded a new organization, the National First Aid Association of America, writes to her assistant regarding travel to raise funding for her new humanitarian efforts. In full: I want to confirm the dispatch just sent you.

Nothing yet from Minneapolis we wait. We send this in the hope of a letter from Minn. Tomorrow, which will give us some light. Anamosa, being a little outside the main thoroughfare is a little more slow of access.

On the receipt of your letter, telling of your coming to Detroit, I wrote at once to the Washburns, with the request that they let it be known to the other interested parties, as The'Journal', and Mr. All this is made plain, and if it is not, in their estimation, worth the transportation most of them RR.

Or officers to take you to, and back from them. I should see no way but to let it remain as a premature, or dead thought, and, like your little Oxford, leave it to heal? By'record intention', plastics or bandages. But I still hope better results.

It seems to us, that they will consult and decide on the best way of arranging for you to come to them, and that by tomorrow. Monday - either we, here, or you there, will get something from them. If to us, we shall dispatch to you, if necessary, as you will let us know. We hold ourselves in readiness to go to Minn.

If you go, and at the moment designated. If on the other hand, you do not go to Minn. But return to Boston, from Detroit we shall go soon to St (sic) Paul to some cousins of mine, expecting me, and resume our Excursion Tickets to Washington and go home - Now, with all this long, and explicit explanation, I trust I have made the existing conditions plain to you, viz: that we still hope to hear from Minn. That they call you there, with the offer of transportation. If they write us here, for you to go, and do not offer transportation, we shall have to decline for you. With reasons, or if they do the same by you there - you will have to decline, for the same cause, naming to them the newness of the Organization, and its need for economy. Let us still hope that all these precautions are needless, and that tomorrow will bring'more light'. We are having a charming home visit, and making the most of it. It is just possible I may have to go Oxford after my return, as M. Rausen has intimated an offer of a renter for my house, which I have intimated may be considered. These mere intimations, may be sufficient to call me there, later, to arrange.

I think of dear Mary, hard at work, alone - and wish I could help her. I should scarcely think you could reach us with another letter here in Anamosa. As we should be at Cedar Rapids a day or two on our way back - suppose, you do as I have done under similar circumstances - viz: If you want to reach us with a line, write the same thing (a duplicate letter) to both addresses, Anamosa, & Cedar Rapids. We will, of course, receive both, sooner or later, but will be sure of getting one in time. I suppose we cannot get this to Cedar Rapids till tomorrow morning and you cannot receive it till Tuesday morning.

If we hear from Minn. Favorably, we should probably go to Cedar Rapids on Tuesday. I fear we are to go through a' reception' in Cedar Rapids - but would most likely go on, the next day. Too long - too dreadfully long!!! " Taken " written by Barton in pencil at upper margin of page 5.

WELLS was Barton's assistant at the National First Aid Association of America. In 1905, she founded the National First Aid Association, which taught first aid classes and developed the original first aid kits.

In 1909, three years after this letter was written, first aid training became an essential function of the American Red Cross. The home in Oxford that she mentions in this letter, was her birthplace in Oxford, Massachusetts. Barton, who had first left her childhood home in 1850, spent the last years of her life (from 1897) in her home (which had first been used as a Red Cross warehouse before becoming the headquarters of the organization and her living quarters) in Glen Echo, Maryland.

Lightly creased with folds, not at signature. Ink smudged at some words (all legible).

Staple holes at upper corners, paper loss above staple holes at upper blank margin of first sheet. See more material from these signers. See more listings in our RELIGION & HUMANITARIANS (550).

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  1. Authentication: Numbered COA issued by Gallery of History, Inc.
  2. Signed by: Clara Barton
  3. Autograph Type: Autograph Letter Signed
  4. Autograph: Authentic Original

Clara Barton Autograph Letter Signed 09/02/1906    Clara Barton Autograph Letter Signed 09/02/1906