Autograph Letter Signed

Christopher G. Memminger Autograph Letter Signed 05/22/1879

Christopher G. Memminger Autograph Letter Signed 05/22/1879
Christopher G. Memminger Autograph Letter Signed 05/22/1879

Christopher G. Memminger Autograph Letter Signed 05/22/1879    Christopher G. Memminger Autograph Letter Signed 05/22/1879


Charleston, South Carolina, 1879 May 22. On letterhead of the Law Office of Memminger & Son to E. In full: Yours of 12 Inst just received. Mr Mallory died some years ago I think at Pensacola. In this letter of May 22, 1879, former Confederate Secretary of Treasury Christopher Gustavus Memminger answered a query about two other Confederate cabinet members. Those in the Davis Administration who remained throughout most or all of the duration of the Confederacy were arrested and charged with treason after the War officially ended on April 9, 1865. Although Memminger had resigned about a year before the War concluded, he was arrested along with the others who still held office, including his successor George A.

Prior to the War, Memminger had acquired a reputation as an impressive financier in his efforts to correct state banking policies and finance public education. This status led Davis to choose him as Secretary of Treasury. During his service, Memminger was concerned with the growing financial strain on the Confederacy due to rising inflation and the ever-increasing need of currency backed by bonds and treasury notes which lacked gold and silver subsidy.

Having started with an empty treasury and the immediate need of financing a war, he faced insurmountable odds. However, the Confederate Congress left him little choice but to issue more and more paper.

As treasury notes depreciated and inflation rose, so too did government costs, necessitating more treasury notes totaling over one-and-a-half billion dollars. Memminger's likeness appeared on eleven bonds issued between August 1861 and February 1863. The Union blockade had prevented the necessary sale of cotton to keep the South's economy afloat. In 1863, Memminger tried to reduce currency with compulsory bond funding; however, Congress delayed his proposals and passed (February 1864) a widely varied version, worsening the Confederacy's finances. A German immigrant boy orphaned in 1807 and raised by future Governor of South Carolina Thomas Bennett, a well-educated Memminger became a lawyer and rose in state politics.

When War loomed, he helped draft the provisional Confederate Constitution. Following the Civil War and a pardon in 1867, Memminger resumed his law practice and public school work in Charleston. A father of eight surviving children, the industrious lawyer also started a chemical - sulfuric acid and phosphates - manufacturing company (1868). Framed in the Gallery of History style: 32½x24. See more material from these signers.

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  1. Authentication: Numbered COA issued by Gallery of History, Inc.
  2. Signed by: Christopher G. Memminger
  3. Autograph Type: Autograph Letter Signed
  4. Autograph: Authentic Original

Christopher G. Memminger Autograph Letter Signed 05/22/1879    Christopher G. Memminger Autograph Letter Signed 05/22/1879